Caribou Hunting

Hunting Caribou Greenland style

Our Greenland style caribou hunts are not your average trophy hunt. No personal guide (normally we have one guide per 2 hunters), no people to pack out the meat and trophy. What we do promise is a hunt like no other.

We hunt the way caribou is hunted in Greenland. This means hiking in from a camp to find animals. Shooting a caribou and then hiking back with the meat on your back. On average we hike in 5 km in and back out with 30 kg of meat on our packframes. In fact most of the time we don’t even bring back the trophy. Of course if you want to bring back a trophy feel free. But it goes on your own pack, on top of the meat.

Hunting Season

The fall trophy hunting season is August 1st to October 31st.

In general the bulls start the rut around October 10th so after October 1st we avoid shooting bulls. We also try to avoid the last weekend of September because the mountains are full of people from Nuuk trying to get the last inches of the freezer filled before winter.

For small game the arctic hare season starts August 1st and ptarmigan season starts September 1st.

Our standard schedule is:


We hunt from our flyfising camp at Qussuk. The hunt is an add on to a flyfishing trip. Of course if you only want to hunt there is no requirement to fish as well.


We hunt an area north of our cabin. We set up a tent camp that requires a 5 km. hike and a half hour in a zodiac or an hour in canoes depending on the route we take.


There are several options in October. Either a tent camp, the cabin, or depending on availability a trip on the ship Kisaq that has full accommodations for 6 hunters.

Hunting regulations and caliber requirements

Caribou are legal to hunt with rifles of a minimum calibre of .243

Common calibers include .243 6.5*55 .308 30-06

We can purchase ammunition for you if we are told what to buy. Or we can stop by a hunting store before we take off for the cabin. Please ask if you wish to know if a particular kind of ammunition is available.

Bringing meat back to Iceland

The new regulations allow for you to bring back 10 kg. of meat as long as it is vacuum packed. But you have to apply in advance. We will make a selection of the finest meat on the animals for you to bring home and vacuum pack it for you. If you have any special preferences we will cut the meat to your specifications.


We are not set up for dealing with trophys in the field. But if you want to bring back the head and antlers from an animal we can help you with the shipping, for a fee.

Our camps

Our camps are fully equipped with tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags and a freshly laundered sleeping bag liner for each guest. They also have everything needed for cooking and eating.

The camp at Qussuk

From Mid July till the end of August we operate a tent camp at Qussuk. The camp is a dual purpose camp with arguably the best flyfishing in the Nuuk area.

The area is accessible by zodiac at very high tide, by anchoring in the fjord and hiking in, or by helicopter. Since there are usually groups of people from town using the river in weekends with exceptionally high tides we avoid using the river at those times.

The camp has a large common tent and enough tents for the amount of guests. The guests share a 3 person tent between 2 guests. The tents are equipped with sleeping bags and sleeping mats. There is a clean sleeping bag liner for every guest.

There are cocking facilities and a dugout toilet pit.

We get water straight from the stream.

The cabin and the tent camp.

The cabin in placed at Kanajorsuit on Akia north west of Nuuk. The cabin has facilities for 6 guests including a full kitchen.

The tent camp is a bit more basic and consists of a large common tent as well as smaller tents for the guests.

Caribou Hunting for women hunters

We offer trips exclusively for women hunters. We have female guides for the trip. The trips will be in the cabin and tent camp on Akia. Other than the restriction to female hunters and the use of our female guides the hunts are identical to our other hunts.

If you are interested in our hunts please contact Michael Rosing